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Est. 1989
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The Chimney Sweeping Process

Our traditional sweeping method along with the use of modern materials and technologies such as multi-motor industrial vacuums, allows us to sweep your chimney to the highest standard.

This step by step guide will show us what you can expect from us:

Step 1: Entering premises and setting up equipment:

At arrival, we will do a quick inspection of the working area  to make sure we can set up our equipment ensuring we keep your house clean.

After making sure there is enough clear workspace around your fireplace/stove, we will put our dust sheets down so that we can place our equipment without marking your floor.

Step 2: Sealing the working area.

We will place more purposed made sheets around your stove/fire place, seal them with masking tape where possible, thus preventing any soot falling from the chimney and entering your room.

  Equipment set and sealing of working area


Step 3: Sweeping

We will thoroughly sweep your chimney using a brush introduced through the protective sheet to make sure that there is no soot ingress into your room.


Step 4: Vacuuming

To complete the job we will vacuum your fireplace, stove,access hatch, hearth or any other areas as required.


Step 4:  Enjoy a hot and safe fire!

  Finally after making sure everything is clean we will remove all of our equipment and dispose of the soot.  All you need to do is make a fire and enjoy.